Rock Candy

Your laughter is like a cantaloupe branch

Candy is a type of sugar obtained from sugarcane. Bat is the old generation of today's candies. One of the most widely used types of candy is lollipop and branch candy. Most of the time, the plant branch is used to decorate wedding and Haft Sin tables, and the stick plant is used to sweeten tea and herbal drinks.

Shahsavand Rock Candy
Nabat is a stable member of Iranian homes and familiar to most people. Crystal candy is made from a saturated solution of sugar and water, which has a sweet taste. For us at Bibi Nabat, however, Nabat does not mean in these few short words. Nabat is a part of Iranian culture and history, which was left from our grandmothers and grandfathers. A simple food left from history and has many stories with different aromas and flavors.