Weight: 75 grams


syrup seeds has been a traditional drink among Iranians for a long time, which is very effective for keeping blood pressure balanced and losing weight in addition to quenching thirst. These seeds become jelly after absorbing water and can be used to quench thirst. The combination of egg syrup with water, honey and lime is a potion that will also quench your thirst. It is very easy to use this product and you can prepare a tasty syrup full of properties in a short time with the help of these small seeds.

It is recommended to use this product on hot summer days, and due to its properties, you can use it in all seasons. Sherbet eggs contain significant amounts of vitamin A, iron, fiber and calcium. Among the properties of this amazing seed, it can be mentioned for calming the nerves, preventing tooth decay, treating blood pressure, helping to quench thirst and feeling thirsty, and many other things.